Our Consulting Services

We have extensive experience with Bluetooth technology, both in medical devices as well as our own non-medical products. Communications are our specialty and we have extensive experience in medical signal acquisition and processing in devices from implant to ambulatory. We deeply understand users and environments including home health and fitness, EMS, OR and hospital wards. We can help you develop your product and specifications and incorporate the best available technology.

We are experts in evaluation of trade-offs and selection of the best technologies from sensors to wireless and can help you incorporate the best solutions for your products.
Product Development
The development of wireless devices requires not only good ideas and technology, but also a solid framework of processes and knowledge of existing standards and requirements. We have decades of experience in the development of products in the tightly regulated medical device industry and can help you with all aspects of product development.

We partner with experienced complementary experts and selected development groups to help us bring your vision to reality.
Medical device cybersecurity is a critical and complex issue that has aspects spanning the process from design to deployment. Regulatory agencies and customers alike have become very sensitive to the information collected and utilized by wireless devices from hospital through home environments.

We provide our clients with support ranging from cybersecurity hazard analysis through detailed Bluetooth testing and reporting analysis to help you protect your company and customers.
Click here to see our cybersecurity test alliance with Spanalytics, LLC.
Program Management
Device development is a complex process involving strict control of customer, quality and regulatory requirements with validation and verification as additional layers to the traditional project management leadership role.

We have extensive product management experience at all levels from medical to consumer, and can use it to assist and teach your managers or manage your project as an outside resource.
Regulatory Strategy and Support
We are experts in FCC, UL and medical wireless regulatory issues and have extensive experience with wireless technologies and the 510(k) and PMA process. We were involved in several of the first successful 510(k) Bluetooth applications have helped many companies with wireless and other regulatory issues and filings and can help your company too.

We have worked with applications involving not only Bluetooth, but also WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n), RFID and WMTS.
Business Development
The medical device business can be difficult to navigate and new markets can be a challenge to scope and understand. We have developed complete business plans for new products and markets and provided analysis and white papers on topics ranging from markets to technologies.

We work in a fast and focused way that many companies find difficult with their myriad distractions, and provide targeted results that help move forward with key decisions.
Medical Device Sales and Marketing
We help technology companies navigate the medical market for their products and services.

We develop sales and marketing strategy, sales support material, market reports and customer lists.