Blueborne - my understanding

Blueborne - updated 9/19/17.
Update 9/19/17: This is a response that the Bluetooth SIG has sent out to direct inquiries (posted with permission):

The Bluetooth SIG is aware of the reported issue. We understand the major platform vendors were notified of the vulnerabilities in their implementations some time ago and have now all released updates. We always encourage consumers to update products to the most current software release available from the vendor.

- This is an implementation issue, not a specification issue.

- These vulnerabilities were addressed (fixed) some time ago in all major OS current releases/patches including those from Apple, Microsoft and Google.  I don't yet have information about other Linux variants.  The demonstrations are shown on unpatched or older versions of those operating systems.

- The vulnerability exists only in Bluetooth classic (technically called BR/EDR or Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate). It does not apply to Bluetooth low energy devices.

- The major portion, if not all, of the hacks rely on an outdated networking profile called BNEP (Basic Networking Encapsulation Profile) which was an old IP compatibility part of the standard.

- The vulnerabilities are in very few sensor type devices since very few of them (none to my knowledge) use BNEP. You’ll see that all of the hacks go through a computer or smartphone, not directly to the device itself.